Friday, February 4, 2011

Wayfare Tavern, my place

I have a thing for the traditional gentleman's only club of dark mahogany constructed steakhouses littered with men in black suits. This was realized last night when I happened to stumble into Wayfare Tavern. There was a palpable buzz of energy the moment I opened the bulky oak door. You have your archetypal steakhouse interior, with a massive bar of whiskeys and what not, and an assemblage of bankers and attorneys babbling about the latest acquisition, mergers and adultery cases.

The food is more or less traditional steakhouse fare, but scaled up a bit and slightly Parisian. Deviled eggs, steak tartare, escargots...and of course steak frites.

delicious complimentary popovers

 Fortunately, we got a seat right at the epicenter, 1 feet away from where the action is. It is way more theatrical sitting at the bar watching an interplay of sous chefs, chef de cuisines and line cooks than at a one-man sushi bar, I can tell you that.

Of course, I had to try their roasted bone marrow. And, of course, it was unctuous. Really hard to eff up bone marrow. I have yet to try a butchered bone marrow.

This will definitely be a place where I get my fix for bone marrow, steak tartare, and men with powertrips. I do intend to try the deviled eggs, escargot and many more.

Now on to my packing....

Wayfare Tavern
Financial District
558 Sacremento St.

*reservations highly recommended*