Saturday, February 13, 2010

Acquerello, one michelin star

What does a Michelin Star truly represent? Who decides which establishment receives a star? These burning questions have never crossed my mind until my recent visit to Acquerello.

 Yes, the Michelin brothers who  made that eerie tireman, are the same people who established the Michelin Guide in the 1920's. I've probably strolled into many restaurants and never detected  that shiny plate of a star hung conspicuously on the front door. Notable service and outstanding quality is requisite of receiving such a title, and of which Acquerello maintains effortlessly. To celebrate a special occasion, we do the four course tasting menu. Each dish is stellar, the kobe beef short rib an unctuous morsel, and the staff so attentive it leaves me a bit intimidated. Although a sucker for good food, the fine dining scene is not my niche. Hushed voices and servers towering over you to pamper at your beck and call makes me nervous.

The star of the night, a simple rigatoni with pureed foi gras and black truffle dish. There are no distracting sides and garnish, just pasta and a creamy sauce with specks of black goodness. The sauce is heavenly, lingering on the palate, daring you to lick the plate in this austere setting.

Leaving Acqerello proves a bit arduous, with stomachs a little too full and not being much of an Italian food lover, feeling a little over-saturated by the rich dishes and pungent cheese.
As I roll out the front door, I notice for the first time, a shiny plate with a lone star and wonder..

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