Monday, March 1, 2010

Joan's on Third

The barrage of grubbing from east to west this weekend, ended around dusk in a café/market place called Joan's on Third. It's located in the food-centric area of LA, Third Street, where you'll traverse across the likes of Milk, Susina's Bakery, AOC and such. Joan's and The Little Next Door cater to similar crowds, the hip and trendy, but Joan's being more of a hybrid between TLND and Bottega Louie. The wide panel glass windows and stark white interiors are reminiscent of Bottega Louie's decor, but with a more modern approach. Although the decor of Joan's pales in comparison to the fancy granite counters of Bottega, I would much rather nibble on the rustic fromage and charcuterie of Joan's any day.

You won't find novelties such as portabello fries here, but count on a smorgasbord of imported cheeses, meats and pâtés.  I felt like a kid in candy shop, standing amongst the handmade jars of honey and jams, and basking in packages of curious wonders. For a moment, I was reminded of the Dean & Deluca in Soho. Just for moment.

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