Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sushi Sushi - Unchanging

An old sweetheart should always be there to give guidance, be available for coffe, and knows what makes you tick, in theory. And this is exactly what Sushi Sushi is to me. Shige San has never beguiled me with trickery and empty promises. With almost assembly like speed, he always creates beautiful plates of sushi art.

 The rice to fish ratio is always a perfect 1:3. There are times I almost forget of Sushi Sushi's existence with the dizzying lineup of new and notable places to try. Yet, he's always in my subconscious, beckoning me to come and enjoy an old comfort. A place where surprises don't occur.
The uni has always been a pillow of creamy sweetness with just the right amount of brininess.

The ikura, most likely preserved by Shige San himself, seems lighter than its counterparts, almost like bubbles made of sea water.

The hand-grated wasabi portrays his traditional side, never succumbing to the freakishly green synthetic paste in a tube.

Perfect pieces of sushi roll out sequentially, almost at a tangible pace. Every visit seems to entail the same methodical story; uni sashimi, sweet shrimp, hamachi, toro.. ending with a tuna handroll.


Why don't you stimulate my senses anymore? Monotony isn't conducive to a healthy relationship! Years have gone by and yet nothing has changed. Your uniform courses have not fluctuated with the season nor has your "specials". Maybe next year when we meet again, your offerings will been tweaked, but not bereft of that traditional value I've always known to love.

Sushi Sushi
36 1/2 Beverly Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90212
(310) 277-1165

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