Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ludobites 5.0

I've held off on this post for a while. Mixed feelings and ambivalence seem to have stunted my judgment on  Ludo's recent endeavor, version 5.0
Yes, I've grown more fond of him as seeing him with quirky expressions and  his  accented English adds to his charm. But Ludo's dishes aren't as "moan-ish" compared to previous versions. No doubt the poached egg with chorizo is nothing short of dreamy and the foi gras cupcake is whimsical.

Poached Egg, Potato Mousseline, Chorizo bits

Foi Gras Cheese Cupcake

Goat Cheese Soup

Grilled Octopus

Matcha Green Tea Almond Cake

Caramel Souffle

Like most things in life, sequels just don't make the cut. The Terminator, Pirates of the Caribbean, started loosing its pizzazz after 2..3...  And Ludo's not to blame, really. He's a one-man team churning out creations with fury. But eventually the engines going to slow and burn out. Although I truly hope the Ludobites saga continues. And here's Ludo praying as well..


  1. That Matcha almond cake looks pretty tasty. I noticed the grilled squid and raw waygu beef are missing from your photos, two of the stronger courses in my opinion. Did you get to try them?

  2. I actually did try those but the photos turned out iffy. The wagyu beef noodle was tasty yet reminded me of izakaya fare.