Monday, April 18, 2011

A sad day

I'm a little disheartened.

No, I'm in gut-wrenching pain.

I just got wind that El Bulli - my honeymoon and have to try before I die restraurant is shutting its doors. Not only have I been plotting and planning for the day that I would float into the fabled El Bulli, I've even marked it on my calendar with a black X. What is one to do when dreams and aspirations are punctured by the mercurial claws of misfortune himself?

Pick another one?

Denmark's Noma may hold the title of Best in World for 2 years straight, besting El Bulli in 2010, but El Bulli is the Godfather of moleculargastronomy and no neophyte can replace that designation. If not Noma, then which will I aspire to? #2 and #3 fall to Spanish restaurants El Celler de Can Roca and Mugaritz. Alinea in Chicago attained 5th place, a head above New York's Per Se (I was hoping French Laundry would have earned top 10, at least). There's Quay, best in Australia. Where do I go and what do I eat? How does one choose?

If only... El Bulli ..

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