Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Little Next Door

With autumn right around the corner, one needs to find a cozy cafe along the sidewalk to sip latte and nibble on a tart. The first place that comes to my mind is the Little Next Door.

If you focus on the French speaking servers, the blue and gold decor, and ignore the cars with American license plates, you might really find yourself believing that this is a Parisian cafe. The reason why I think autumn is the perfect season for sidewalk cafes is because the Socal sun isn't as treacherous and the winter chill won't freeze your french onion soup. One can always dine indoors, but then it wouldn't be Paris.

During this visit, I decided to focus on the desserts instead of the appetizers or entrees. Now, I'm no coffe connoisseor, but I find the Little Next Door to have one of the best coffes in town. Maybe the heart foam did it for me.

The french onion soup was amazing! I've never had an onion soup with this much cheese. I would have to deem it, the best french onion soup ever.

The Croque Madame was a bit dry, even for a sandwich. I would definitely recommend the tarts and skip the sandwiches.

Baba au Rum
The rum cake and the souffle was undeniably the highlight of the meal. The cake was soaked in sweet rum, but not overly sweet. There was something quite addictive about it. Although I was full, I couldn't stop taking bites out of it.

Chocolate Souffle

There's a reason I always come back to the LND even when there are many other cafes out there. It's like a little excursion out of the hustle bustle of LA, where you can find great food and a relaxing ambiance. Take a step in, and you wont realize you're in LA.


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