Friday, June 15, 2012

Mercado San Miguel, Madrid

Of all the markets, Mercado San Miguel may be the most cosmopolitan of them all. Only recently refurbished, the steel beams are the only remnants of the original market.

San Miguel is a food lover's playground. You can find anything from cocktails, wine bars, champagne oyster bars, fruit stalls, cheesebar, jamon, and of course.. tapas y pinxtos.
cocktail bar - mojitos, cairpirihna

This prawn is the most memorable of our market excursion. Bright red in color and much more sweet than the prawns in the US, I found the hefty price tag of 15 euros acceptable. Pointing a finger and grunting "uno", the vendor immediately tossed the single prawn on the grill and sprinkled some sea salt. Clean, simple, delish.

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