Wednesday, June 20, 2012


 Tapas24 would be our last tapa meal for the trip. Frankly, I'm near tapa'd out. As much as I love jamon and goodies on toast, there is no way I can live like this everyday. Wine.. tapas... pinxtchos.. wine.. cava.. jamon.. olives. I'm only glad tonight's meal will NOT be another "toast" centered feast.

Tapas24 is sister to Commerc24, which is the more formal of the two. Both establishments steer towards modern, fun tapas yet retains some of its Catalan heritage. Fortunately, we arrive early, 8 pm early, and able to get a terrace seating immediately. A 30 minute line,chock full of tourists start to form as we get comfortable.

You would think this being Spain and all, the sangria should be excellent. To our dismay, the sangria we've had so far have all been diluted with fruit juice. Just about ready to give up on sangria, this white prototype saves the day. Refreshing, natural tasting, perfect!

Bikini Sandwich - shaved black truffles, jamon, cheese. Small, delicate, full of flavor!

Potato Bravas - spanish fries, garlic aioli, spicy tomato sauce. Meh

Beef carpaccio, capers, lemon cream sauce. Very fusion'y. Very familiar. Maybe a little too familiar..

They call it the McFoie Burger. A beef patty cooked to medium rare, sandwiched between brioche toast, with a dollop of foie gras whipped cream. It's sinfully good. Although, a slab of foie hidden between the bread would have been even more exciting.

Senses dulled by now with the onslaught of too much sangria (wine for me is like overdosing on sleeping pills), we decide to make our way to the renowned Barcelona beach.

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