Thursday, May 6, 2010


This post is long overdue.
Animal, my go to place when the lust for carnal pleasure -- of the palate -- pervades my mind and soul. It really is that kind of a place.
Vegetables are a rarity.
Although you will find a frenzy of pork, beef, rabbit and their private parts. I have yet to try their infamous pork belly and kimchi -- or is that Momofuku? I seem to confuse the two more often than not.

The chicken liver and toast is simple but lovable.

Many people find the BBQ pork belly slider scrumptious and "soulful". Me? Not so much. Soul food it is, with a heavy hand of BBQ sauce. I have a deep rooted aversion for BBQ sauce which Animal so generously renders.

My favorite will have to be the foi gras loco moco. It truly is the sum of its parts. However, the beef patty seems superfluous and gritty against the silky texture of the foi.

My love for anything bone marrow is put to the test here. Sadly, parsley and balsamic vinegar conceals all signs of the marrow; leaving an astringent tartness that makes me wince.

Be forewarned upon entering Animal, you will feel guilty and "beefy". With no sign of greens and cholesterol numbers that will make a cardiologist cringe, the urge to partake in a P90X workout will overcome you.

435 N Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90048

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  1. good choices. i've only been there a couple of times ( and ). i liked the sliders and the loco moco. the ribs are fall off the bone deliciousness, as well. their desserts are pretty tasty.

  2. Fall of the bone ribs? Sounds good, as long as its not BBQ sauce. I had the strawberry pound cake, pretty good.

  3. the pork belly was much better when it was pan seared and topped with was definitely too heavy as bbq sliders. if you go back, you'll have to try the foie gras with biscuit and maple gravy. yum yum yum