Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bistro LQ - revisited

 Last Thanksgiving I vowed to return to Bistro LQ, not because of the charming server or the intimidating sausage fest choucroute that was, in my opinion,  more for dramatic appeal than gustatory. The reason for this fervent commitment was because I was intrigued.  

Of what?

The zany, balloon-adorned ceiling? The conspicuous red Converse Chuck Taylor's that all the servers were strutting? The mountain of gigantic sausages that screamed, "in yo' face"?
I really don't know what the reason. But I do know I want it. And finally, 6 months later, chance happened.

 Nothing's changed. The familiar, forever-inflated silver and gold balloons are still hovering along the ceiling. And the servers are still as model-esque as ever. It's like I never left.

We are greeted with an amuse bouche  of scallop and salsa-like dressing.

One of my favorites is the Uni with Tapioca Pudding and Kumamoto Oyster in Yuzu Gelée. An ingenious combination of tapioca pudding and uni creates a texture of velvety uni cream.

Foi Gras 3 Ways:
Sautéed: Oxtail, Frisee with Rose Oil Vinaigrette

 Terrine: Wasabi Marshmallow and Yuzu Gelée

Torchon: Violette Scented, Spring Vegetables Russian Salad-style

Tortilla Soup, Green Garlic, Comte Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Zucchini Flowers Sauce

Hanger Steak
Served with Glazed Shallots, Chanterelle, Sunchoke Puree, Jus

Duck Breast
  Shishito Pepper Puree, Miso Sauce, Yuzu Glace

From the Cheese Cart:

and the condiments that ensued:

Bistro LQ is a charlatan, the name doesn't do it  justice. It is by no means a bistro, or resembles anything of that nature. The attention to detail and service is exemplary of any world class restaurant but of a more casual approach. An interesting note about Bistro LQ is that you can create your own tasting menu. Each item is available in half order, which makes trying the whole menu effortless and cost efficient. Chef Laurent's antic nature is apparent when he pairs a perfectly grilled cheese sandwich with scallops. It's deliberate, yes. But what purpose does it serve? The same sentiment goes with the eccentric looking biscuits that appear more often than naught. However, his unconventional methods such as the Foi gras 3 Ways and elaborate Cheese Plate speaks for itself. The condiments that came with the cheese plate were outrageous. Pesto sauce? Cumin seeds? Quite cheeky you are, LQ.

Bistro LQ
8009 Beverly Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048-4503
(323) 951-1088

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  1. It was nice meeting you at Ludo, I look forward to your thoughts.

    As an aside, I thought the food at LQ was interesting, daring though not always effective. Also I was glad to see you at least enjoyed competent service. The night I was there could have been a clinic on how NOT to run the front of a restaurant.

  2. Yes, I had fun at Ludobites! Pleasant meeting you! I agree with you on LQ, bold and daring. But some dishes I didn't "understand". The service was surprisingly good though. I guess that makes me lucky. =)

  3. I'm still awaiting a return visit. "Charlatan" might be a bit harsh? Or it could also be extended to the ilks of Ludobite. Perhaps we can get over the fact that "bistro" is simply a misnomer, and perhaps simply carried over from his "Bistro K" days. And LQ is in a trendy part of town, so hot servers in Chucks may be the norm and not so pretentious. We had excellent service, and constantly speak of returning.

    The dishes, much like SLS Bazaar, do not always work, but they are mostly intriguing, if not a bit mystical.

  4. Sino: I was being facetious when I said "charlatan". And I llove the red converse and beautiful servers. I do hope that I convey my love for Bistro LQ and not a negative slant. I'm trying to cut back on sarcasm. =)

  5. wow, going on my to do list for LA. foie gras, uni, duck and scallops?! talk about an awesome meal.

  6. Joan: You should definitely look into LQ. Do the half orders, and basically try everything! I don't feel that LQ is getting the press it deserves.