Monday, May 10, 2010

Ikko's Omakase at a glance

Does LA or OC reign supreme in sushi?
There has always been some controversy on this matter amongst myself and my OC cohorts. I decide to take it upon myself to shed some light on this issue. Having dined at Ikko a few times, I feel that it would suffice to represent the OC region. Ikko is located in a non-descript strip mall like most restaurants in the So-Cal vicinity. The interior is modern and sleek, fusing with the jazz playing in the background, already cueing us in to Ikko's contemporary approach.

Rather than going thru each dish and redundantly describing the texture and temperature of each slab of fish, I've decided to elaborate on a few standout ones -- plates that were a little more divine than the usual. (My feeble attempt at an excuse for laziness, mind you.)

The ankimo (monkfish liver) pâté.

Steamed Egg with Uni infused sauce and shaved black truffles.
The champion dish is the steamed egg with uni and truffles. The pervasive smell of freshly grated truffle lingers in the air wooing you to take a mouthful. A bite too soon! The tongue scalds.

Foi gras and crispy wafer

It's evident that Chef Ikko likes to play Franco-Japanese style. And you can't blame him. This is above and beyond your typical fusion sushi joint where you will find foi gras instead of yellowtail sashimi and jalapeno. I, for one, have no affinity for anything fusion. Yet, somehow Japanese and French seem to coalesce well here. Maybe it's the yin and yang factor of light and heavy cuisine. Ikko's love for French cuisine shines through and accentuates an otherwise mediocre sushi establishment. Despite the frequent import of Japanese fish, the sushi seem to dim in comparison to the likes of Zo, Mori and what not. I can say with veritable triumph that LA sushi reigns supreme But is it a fair comparison? Probably not.

735 Baker Street
Suite C
Costa Mesa
(714) 556-7822


  1. Really really like this place. It is indeed easy to see the French-Nippon connection. While Animal & Lazy Ox tout rotating menus, they don't hold a candle to Ikko in terms of pure creativity / variety.

  2. I can certainly see the French and Japanese combination going on in here just by looking at the photos! Everything looks so pretty. :) What a creative chef.

  3. Ikko definitely has a creative edge. His food is fun to look at and eat. The sushi is more mediocre.

  4. very interesting! how much does an average meal at Ikko cost?

  5. joan: its not too expensive. you call your own price. starts around $65.