Monday, April 30, 2012

Cooks County - the old LQ spot

Most of you will recognize Cooks County as the "old LQ spot". But upon entering, all remnants of the stark,sterile interior will be stripped - baring pipes, beams and every sound insulating structure..gone. Be prepared for a consistent humming of low decibels that drown out 80% of your conversation.

Being a loyal follower of LQ, I found the complete makeover a little disconcerting. Not only was the place foreign, the menu has changed face as well - or should I say change nations. Once eccentric French, it is now all American. Instead of foie gras terrine, there is now spretzel with mustard.

You will no longer find anything uni or foie gras, but sugar snap peas and asparagus will certainly be abundant.

Instead of duck breast with a shishito pepper puree, there is the safer version at Cooks County : wood grilled duck breast.

Safe: that would be my description of Cooks County. All the dishes are solid, with the exception of the tagliatelle being a tad too salty for me. But nothing stood out for me. Maybe it's not meant to stand out. Maybe it is LQ's wild and untamed ways that ultimately lead Bistro LQ to shutter. Therefore "safe" would be sure to evade a similar fate.

8009 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 653-8009

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